I have personally and professionally known John Paul Poirier for over 25 years.  JP’s and 21st Century's. experience and expertise in the Transportation and Logistics field has helped our company provide outstanding service to our clients.

Mr. Poirier and his staff have successfully managed the company and we believe under his guidance, the company will continue to grow and expand in the USA.

Alexander Porinchak

International Marketing Alliance


            This letter is to confirm that our group of companies has worked with 21st Century and its president Mr. JP Poirier for the last 9 years.

Mr. Poirier and the staff at 21st Century have helped us on several occasions. Their knowledge of transportation and logistics has helped to secure and move large drilling rigs across the US and Canada. We are presently working with Mr. Poirier and his company on several projects for the end of 2015 and early 2016

Gilles Dumont
Cargoways LLC


             I, Colter Chapman, have been working with JP Poirier and 21st Century ( both in the USA and Canada) for over ten  years. He has provided a vital role in coordinating the complete logistics on numerous projects. From moving very large reels of wire rope required for offshore drilling, rigs pipe and other necessary commodities in the oil and gas industry and through his obtaining contracts to service these companies he has provided us and many other companies much needed business.

It is Mr. Poirier knowledge and contacts that solidified a contract with a number of companies to supply equipment and manpower to move 5 large drilling rigs in North Dakota and Montana with major US Oil Company. I was pleased to be a part of this project as it helped our company survive the recession of the time.

Mr. Poirier and his team were instrumental in creating a team to move two very long and extremely sensitive Flexity T3000 street cars for the 2010 Winter Olympics. It was the team at 21st Century that helped to insure the Street Cars came into the USA while being transported to and from Vancouver, BC Canada. This was the only way our US based company would be allowed to do business in BC. This created many jobs as well as it brought much publicity for our company, the US ports and all involved.

It has been a great pleasure working with Mr. Poirier and his team for both the Canadian and USA Corporations.

Throughout the years as he has provided a great deal of revenue for our company, and we look forward to continually providing our service.

Colter Chapman
Chapman Hauling


         I have had the pleasure of working closely with Mr. Poirier for the past 10 years in my capacity as COO at Fracht FWO Inc. Fracht USA undertook many ambitious projects in the USA and Canada over the past decade and has selected 21st Century Logistics Management Inc. on many occasions as our logistics service provider.

JP and 21st Century has displayed excellent organizational and communication skills. They are very prompt and efficient staying on top of many very difficult and demanding shipment schedules. JP and the staff at 21st Century have not hesitated to inform us of service interruptions and delays and were quick to offer problem solving solutions to help get us back on track. His project management background helped his offices across North America to become one of our biggest vendors and partners.

We look forward to many more years of continued service.

Reiner Wiederkchr

Executive VP/ COO
Fracht FWO Inc.

           I met Mr. Poirier the first time almost ten years ago at a business related conference and have enjoyed knowing him ever since.

With 21st Century Transport Houston Inc. (US Corporation) he has a very well organized operation and we have been cooperating with two of his three offices in the past, enjoying prompt attention, swift responses and very professional conduct on all occasions.

More recently Mr. Poirier and I have successfully started to develop synergies by combining our expertise in the different sectors of logistics and providing joint proposals to our customers. In this context we are hopeful to become part of an ongoing increase of export and import.

We are looking forward to cooperating with Mr. Poirier for a long time to come.

Jan Heilbut
American Heavy Lift  

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